zebrafinchOur research aims to answer fundamental questions in reproductive biology, using birds – primarily, the zebra finch Taeniopygia guttata – as a model. Our current project (funded by the ERC 2011-2016) is looking at the energetics of sperm production, how sperm are transported within the female reproductive tract and whether sub-populations of sperm exist within ejaculates.

Research is also carried out by our group on the long-term study population of individually marked guillemots Uria aalge on Skomer Island, Wales (which have been monitored since 1972). We aim to understand the processes responsible for long term changes in this seabird population. We monitor adult and juvenile survival, age at first breeding, reproductive success among other things and are currently assessing the effects of oil pollution and climate change on guillemot numbers.


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Sperm Gif
Zebra finch sperm video taken with the CASA system
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