Research Technician

I graduated from the integrated masters course in Biology (MBiolSci) at the University of Sheffield in 2014, studying at the University of Western Australia for my second year of undergraduate. I completed my masters in quantitative marine science under the supervision of Dr. Julia Blanchard (now University of Tasmania). Since graduating I have worked as a carpenter, developed an database on elephant life-history information with Dr. Hannah Mumby (University of Cambridge) helped the start-up of a small tailoring business in Cambodia, worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Manica and Max Gray – studying exploitative behaviour in cleaner-fish, and cycled the length of South America solo.


More recently, in June 2016, I returned to Sheffield before working as a Research Assistant on a dynamic energy budget model in Soay sheep, under the supervision of Dr. Dylan Childs and Dr. Zhu Weixan (University of Sheffield), before starting as a Research Technician in the TRB lab in November 2016, working on developing the Zebra Finch breeding information in excel and R.


In December 2016, I secured a scholarship for a PhD in quantitative marine science at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania, Australia, under the supervision of Dr. Julia Blanchard, Dr. Richard Stuart-Smith, and Professor Graham Edgar. Set to commence June 2017.


In my spare time I like to keep active playing many sports ranging swimming (indoor and wild), running, cycling, squash, rugby and climbing.