PhD Research Student 2013-2017


Department: Animal & Plant Sciences

Project supervisors: Dr Nicola Hemmings (Animal & Plant Sciences), Prof Tim Birkhead (Animal & Plant Sciences), Dr Simon Jones (Chemistry), Dr Ashley Cadby (Physics & Astronomy)

Project title: Real-time in vivo imaging of live cells

Tania’s project involves using fluorescence light sheet microscopy and organic dye chemistry to visualise dynamic post-copulatory events deep inside the reproductive tracts of birds.She is working with researchers in Evolutionary Biology, Organic Chemistry and Optical Microscopy for this exciting multi-disciplinary project.

Light sheet microscopy has emerged as a valuable technique for live cell in vivo imaging. This technique, combined with tailored probes, has the potential to shed light on biological phenomena ranging from metabolic processes, developmental and reproductive processes, to disease-related change. This project looks at sperm selection in birds, helping us understand reproductive processes which has implications for fertility research as well as the potential to influence breeding programmes for the conservation of endangered species.

Image of canary sperm under Tania's SPIM
Canary sperm imaged using SPIM


Tania has a BSc in LifeSciences from St. Xavier’s College in her hometown Mumbai. She then progressed to a MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging at the University of Nottingham and has since joined the University of Sheffield as a PhD student. She enjoys participating in outreach activities and is a keen amateur photographer.

To see more on the research group, visit the Imagine Research Website